Liz Langston, Certified Life Coach, Mom, Postpartum Depression Survivor, Lover of Essential Oils + Natural Healing.

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for your Postpartum Depression to get better?


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These are your waters as you struggle postpartum - and you’ve been treading them day to day.

When your mind is foggy, even normal daily life can be overwhelming, daunting.

You’re almost unrecognizable these days to your partner…

And where did your ability to manage a household disappear to?

…But what if I told you that your brain—the same part of you that has you in this mess—can get you right back out of this mess, all on its own? With just a little kick start from a coach?

I’m a Certified Life Coach who uses a combination of thought coaching and holistic wellness systems to guide the brain up and out of the sickness, struggle, and numbness that is Postpartum Depression.

I work with clients who don’t feel like themselves, who are stuck and/or sinking emotionally, but who are willing to take responsibility for their healing, be proactive about figuring out the cause to their struggling, and who are open to trusting me through this process.

If you’re sold on expediting your healing and getting back into your groove post-baby, then let’s work on helping you get to know me as your potential coach.

Here’s where my story begins…


(Me: Coach + Mom + PPD Survivor x 2.)

(Me: Coach + Mom + PPD Survivor x 2.)

I lived with Postpartum Depression after baby #2 and baby #3.

The first time, I was drowning underwater. Most days, I was at the mercy of a very broken mind.

With my fuzzy brain and strange thoughts…anxiety, panic attacks, even occasional suicidal considerations…

I was sinking.


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I remember asking an Aunt that lived 6 hours away if she could come stay with me and help with the kids.

I was desperate.

I was in the lowest of lows, but it felt more numb than anything.

And pain, so much pain. For no real reason…

Just painful brain fuzz, which looked like Downton Abby on replay, and doing the bare minimum to keep the kids alive and well.

Not recognizing my mothering of my older kids, struggling so hard to show up at all as a wife…

I get your struggles. I know I can help you.

Now let’s talk about why you should let me. That brings us to the second part of my story:


Liz Langston, Certified Coach

Liz Langston, Certified Coach

The second time I experienced postpartum depression, it got so bad that I couldn’t manage the struggle and the kids.

At one point, my family sent my husband and I on a paid vacation and they watched the kids. No return ticket yet — just hopes that I could find some solid ground.

I knew I had to get better. Not just for the sake of my in-laws, but for me. For my kids. For my husband.

I was already on the highest dose of antidepressants.

I had tried yoga, breathing exercises… it all helped in little bits.

But when I hired a life coach, and got my thinking habits supervised and analyzed by a pro—

everything changed.

One session after the next, little by little I came out of my brain fog.

Then I went on to do amazing things:

I lost all 40 pounds of my baby weight.

I became a Certified Coach, and am now running a successful business from home.

What could you do with the tools I have to share with you?

How big could your healing and transformation be, with a coach to guide you?



You want healing.

You want to find yourself.

You need help, the stakes are too high. The pain is too big.

Antidepressants can help, it’s true.

But those are a temporary fix.

You can continue trying this on your own, and endure all the suffering.

But at what cost?

For how long will this go on?

You can find out by letting things happen, with all the risks that entails,

or you take your healing into your own hands, hire a coach, and work to get your brain on track, and healthy again.

You can learn how to live so that depression has no power over you.

Because with the tools I have waiting for you, it really doesn’t. At least not to the extent that it does right now.


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Worried if this will work or not? I offer a free mini session, where I make sure that my skill set is appropriate for your symptoms. I want this to be a perfect fit for both of us. Book that here.

I know your brain is hurting, and I know it feels like you can hardly get the dishes done, let alone try and find your way to a coaching session and get some help.

…But what if I told you that I could help you get out of this in just six weeks?

And start genuinely feeling better and seeing a difference in less than one hour?

Book six weeks of sessions with me right here, and feel the change for yourself.