Weight Loss Step 1: Self Acceptance


Laying the foundation for change is a bit counterintuitive: it is to wholly and completely accept yourself -every part of yourself- as you are right this moment. 

Why do we do this? The main reason is because when we do, we are obliterating the idea that we are only loveable or worthy when we hit a certain weight or look a certain way. Also, we want our trajectory for change to be based out of abundance and plenty, not scarcity and lack. 

So I want you to internalize these truths, and then do the exercise below: 

Truth #1: You are exactly how you are supposed to be right now. 

Truth #2: You have done your very best up to this point. (Your brain may snort at this)

Truth #3: Your body is capable of healing itself and dropping into its healthiest weight. 

Now you are going to promote self acceptance by writing a letter to your body. Remember, accept yourself. As you are. Right now. Fully. Change your thoughts however you need to so that you truly feel love and appreciation toward your body. 

Here is an example letter: 

Dear body, 

It’s strange actually talking to you... I usually just talk about you. ...And, it’s usually pretty negative and ungrateful. I’m so sorry. 

I am so sorry for not loving you just as you are. I am sorry for not feeding you true fuel—you ask for SO little from me, and give me so much. This letter is the beginning of more of a two-way relationship between us. On my end, I am committing to being better to you. 

Thank you for bringing my babies into the world... Thank you for hot sex and being able to connect with my husband! Honestly, I owe so much to you. 

Brain and I are learning some new things right now that will help us to be better to you; to be more in harmony with you.

Etc etc... Take some time to really scoop out the flavors you have toward your body right now. 

In the end, you want to get to a place of pure love and joy for/toward your body. 

Try this and comment below! Also pay attention to how this new connection with your body changes the way you approach eating food that isn’t not true fuel for your body....

Liz LangstonComment