I'm going to be a Life Coach!


Great news! I applied and was accepted to The Life Coach School in Dallas, TX!!!

I know if I were you, I'd be thinking: what the heck is a Life Coach? and how is it different than a therapist?

Basically, a Life Coach will consider where you are right now emotionally to be a neutral and sufficient starting point to build your future, via becoming aware of and improving your thought processes using the Life-Coaching-specific formula. 

In contrast, therapists are more interested in exploring your past as a way to heal and understand your difficulties, and then will create a starting point to look toward your new future from there. ....In essence, life coaching will get results much faster!

Check out the following infographic (got it from Tony Robbins here):

Life Coach.png

SO, why did I want to become a certified Life Coach? 

In September 2017 I gave birth to my third baby, and five months later developed postpartum depression (PPD). This was my second bout of PPD - the first time was after the birth of my second child in December 2015. 

Devastated that I was again going to have to battle postpartum depression, I was determined to find a long-term solution. I not only wanted to be out of the mental pain and confusion I was experiencing due to the depression, but for once and for all I wanted to conquer this s**t!! I wanted to understand this beast of depression. 

What I didn't realize is that understanding depression was not going to be the key to healing for me. What was? Understanding my mind. 

And that is exactly where Life Coaching comes in. 

The techniques of life coaching help you to a) become aware of WHY you are feeling the way you are by recognizing what thoughts you're having in your 'mental chatter', b) to change those thoughts in the most EMPOWERING way you can imagine! Seriously guys, coaching allows you to CREATE your life, not just live it. Don't spend time trying to figure out why you are the way you are with your past. Build on the now by making your past mean whatever you want it to, so that it serves you and the person you want to be and become. 

Have any questions for me? I'd love to hear. Comment below. 

I'll attend Life Coach school August 30th-Sept 5th, 2018. I'm pumped. Life is changing - I am changing my life. My niche is going to be helping postpartum moms. 

The next few posts will be dedicated to some topics that postpartum moms will find particularly helpful. Stay tuned! 



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