Goal-Setting for Over-Achievers: 4 Key Tips



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I used to hate New Year's resolutions.

I’d avoid them, then feel guilty about avoiding them.

Truth was, I had no real clue how to set myself up for success with a Goal at the beginning of a New Year —

Not only did I not know the anatomy of a goal, I also was so dang HARD on myself when I made my first error or misstep, it was so not fun! And not worth it!

So, I just didn’t.

(If anyone can relate to this PUH-LEASE give me a shout out in the comments section. And, this article is for you babe.)

I’ve since learned to both to simplify the actual goal-setting process, as well as to drop the ALL-OR-NOTHING….AND-IF-I-MESS-UP-I-WILL-SAY-MEAN-THINGS-ABOUT-MYSELF-TO-MYSELF…. mindset.

So, from someone who never set goals for those reasons, to now, where I set and am messily achieving my goals, here’s what I got for ya:

  1. First, the definition of a goal — people get so muddled on this and I think it causes a lot of problems. A goal is anything you aspire to achieve or become that is measurable, the pursuit of which will cause you NEGATIVE EMOTION. If your goal is to “be more healthy”, is this going to put you up against some serious discomfort? New learning? Trepidation? Boredom? etc? If not, then it’s more of a resolution, or a to-do list item. A Goal requires big-girl pants, and requires you to become a new version of you in order to achieve it. Can you say that about your goals?

  2. Number of goals. I know it’s so fun to make a goal for each category of your life…. physical, spiritual, mental….etc. And it can look so so pretty to write them all down that way! But how many goals does that make for you? And how many do you need? ONE. One, my love. I promise. Just one. Pick, one. You can have all the others! But if they don’t get accomplished, it will be okay with you. This one goal, it must get done. What is it for you? I’d love to hear in the comments…

  3. Measurable - don’t be fooled, the generic, “Walk the dogs more” or “Don’t yell at my kids as much” will feel safe. But that’s because those goals aren’t asking anything big of you. Can you put “walk the dogs more” on your calendar? We need a number. Three times per week? That I can put on my calendar. ….Would someone who doesn’t know you, or know anything about your goal topic, be able to measure the end result based on how you write out your goal? Make the end “goal” measurable, with numbers.

  4. Plan to fail. I am in love with this concept (and that is coming from a recovered perfectionist). …It seemed so bad to me, and scary for some reason, to take failing or making mistakes into the planning space before setting goals or working to achieve something new… “Is that just me lowering the bar for myself? Is that just me settling for less?” … But, the opposite is true, my friends!! Trust me, I promise! So if you’re a perfectionist who tends to HATE messing up and is very hard on herself, listen to meeeee: plan to fail. Plan on it. God did, when he created the plan for our existence! He said, “I know they’ll make mistakes and break my laws. I’ll provide a Savior for them for that purpose.” —- Are you giving yourself a saving grace? Something that can catch you when you fall in pursuit of your goal, so it doesn’t turn into “all or nothing”? Work WITH your humanness, don’t resist it.

I hope those are helpful! There are some other ones, like tracking your progress (so helpful. I like using The Bullet Journal Method for habit and goal trackers. See my pin board on it here. If you’ve never heard of the BUJO (BUllet JOurnal Method), go to the “for beginners” section here.

If you are really good at flipping into the “all or nothing” mentality, check out my article on why and how it isn’t helping you (and what to do instead) here.

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(PS - Did I tell you my goal this year is to go an entire year without consuming any flours, and any refined sugars? I’m going 100% #noflournosugar and I’m not even scared. I’ve done it before and lost 40 pounds. Read about it in this post on my instagram, @lizlangstoncoaching. , and how I lost those 40LBS here.

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