Think about what you're thinking about ....

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If your brain were a dog, does your dog take you on a walk? or do you take your dog on a walk?

We've all seen (or maybe we are) those poor dog owners who are at the mercy of their dog. Owner's arm is almost detached from their body while their dog, so happy, is following every waft that passes his nose. 

This is what our brains are like: the untrained dog, constantly chattering, sometimes useless, sometimes harmful, sometimes helpful. Without managing our minds, we feel whatever emotions happen to be the result of whichever thoughts happen to be in our mind. 

We create so much pain and suffering for ourselves, simply because our natural brain is creating the way we see and experience our life. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. And as a life coach, it's my job (and complete passion) to teach you how to

1) identify, together with you, the pain points in your life

2) find the thoughts in your brain that are causing you the pain you're experiencing

3) come up with the future life you want to create, and the way you want to show up in your life 

4) teach you how to guide your mind to chosen alternative thoughts that will give you the results and feelings you want to have in your life. Then I teach you how to coach yourself, so it's self sustaining. 

So, what DO you want to make of this life? How DO you want to feel?

So, what DO you want to make of this life? How DO you want to feel?

While pondering this subject I came across this speech by an LDS therapist (Bruce K. Fordham) entitled, "Think about what you are Thinking about". 

Some highlights from his talk: 

"When the human brain is introduced to any new activity, it begins to build a new pathway. The more often the activity is repeated, the more solid and automatic that pathway becomes."

"So how can we overpower undesirable thoughts? In the Book of Mormon, we read that Captain Moroni built fortifications ahead of time to defend his people against their enemies (see Alma 50:1–6, 10). We can follow his example by also preparing ahead of time to protect our minds from the influence of evil thoughts."

(He speaks of "evil" thoughts -- I focus more on thoughts that hold back your progress but are not threatening to you spiritually or physically, though I still find his content applicable).

Ultimately there is one things you must do before you can turn your life around and begin feeling better: you MUST take full responsibility for the life you're currently living. 

No "my mom raised me this way, so that's why I do that." , or "I was never taught that, so it isn't something I can do easily."

Drop the past, all your excuses. Whatever you don't like about your life right now, take responsibility: "I got myself like this". That gives you all the power back--because then you can get yourself out of it, too. 


Happy mind managing, and visit my web site if you want to get feeling better even faster, 


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