Running a business with three kids

Today my daughter spilled water on the floor.


She stepped in whipping cream that I dropped on the floor, and tracked it around the kitchen.


My son got chocolate pudding on the floor (and table).


And, my baby’s bottle knocked over and dripped a onto our couch (the only substantial piece of furniture in our living area -- we just moved in.)





Hi, my name is Liz Langston. I am a mom of three, who also happens to have this unquenchable fire (trust me, I’ve tried putting it out) to own and run my own business.


This is me, with a heart full of fire to make my mark on the world.

This is me, with a heart full of fire to make my mark on the world.

I’ve tried multi-level marketing a couple times, I just didn’t care enough about the products that someone else came up with. Plus, really, how deeply life-changing can some lip gloss really be? ...I’ve tried creating a career in music (listen to my original album here ) -- but with three little kids at home, I didn’t want to travel/tour or play all the nights.


My husband and I even considered purchasing a successful pre-existing business (we both have the business bug). We would have been in debt for… years. So we passed.


Then I really tried to define what it was I wanted to contribute to the world… What I really have always wanted to do, is to be a counselor/therapist. I have always love love LOVED helping people solve their own problems by listening to them, talking through things, sharing my knowledge of helpful life tools with them, etc.


I was the person so many of my friends came to to share their shame or secrets. When I put myself to it, I can be an amazing, compassionate and non-judgemental listener. And, I have this ability to create a solution to offer people in the moment they are needing it. It’s this connection that my brain has with Heaven, I think. Like a special antennae.

I want this home office! lol

I want this home office! lol


But, again, I have three littles (whom I adore). How was I going to run any business?


Then… life coaching came into my life.


In 2014 I delivered my second baby in two years, and for whatever reason, I ended up stuck in the fog of postpartum anxiety and depression.


I am a happy person, and these two states of being were completely foreign to me. And yet, so real.


So I sought help - medication, therapists, and, surprisingly, a life coach.


I was introduced to Jody Moore’s Better than Happy podcast by my sister- and mother-in-law, and I immediately began to recognize that my thinking was changing, my marriage was improving, and I was noticeably happier.


What? But what the heck is a life coach?


I’ll save that for another post. But just know: life coaching was and is IT for me.


It’s the full package.


Coaching allows me to help women and couples like I’ve always craved to, from the comfort of my own home. And, the cost and time required for top-notch life coach certification is almost a quarter of that of therapy or social work.

Working from home (this is not me)

Working from home (this is not me)


(If you’re interested to know about the training required to make a living from home being a life coach, check out The Life Coach School.)


So, what’s it like trying to build a business from the ground up, while raising three kids, ages four and under (including a 9-month-old)?


It’s fierce. Every day, no total breaks. (Unless you create them for yourself...which is a learned skill in business, let me tell you.)


...Imagine walking through blistering hot wind, non-stop. ...Lol, I hate to paint such a bleak picture, but it does feel like that sometimes.

What my brain feels like some days.

What my brain feels like some days.


I think my master life coach, Brooke Castillo, summed it up nicely. She said,


“Your business introduces you to yourself.

If you indulge in stress, your business will show you that.

If you don't protect your time with your family, you will see that clearly.

If you have money issues, your business will freak you out.

...But really it's always just the mind.

Whether you have made your first ten dollars or ten million, it's your mind.

How you do business is how you do you.

What a beautiful opportunity to learn something.

Don't back off, double down.

But drop the drama.

Take a breath.

Expand your capacity to win with joy.”



Building a business is simple math.


The hot windstorm I feel is the change in my mind that I am creating daily, and I allow myself to make space in my mind and my person for all that a business requires.


But I love what Brooke says : “Don’t back off, double down. Drop the drama. Take a breath. Expand your capacity to win with joy.”


So lately I’ve made a few changes in the way I run my household, what I choose to pay for and what I choose to leave undone.


I’m learning constantly, but it is invigorating. Creating original content that I know will help other women--women who could be in the pit of their own despair right as I write this, like I was in my postpartum depression--is the fire that catches and won’t burn out.


So I drive on.


If you would like to get your side gig going (finally), or help gaining some momentum in that area, you can sign up for a free phone call with me.* I’d love to have a phone call with you and help you map out your goals, niche, biz model, etc.

*just write in the message box that you'd like a free business evaluation call as mentioned in this blog post.

You will feel like......

You will feel like......


Otherwise, here are some of my favorite side-gig-building resources:


Brooke Castillo’s Podcast , specifically episode 180, “Lessons from my Business” and episode 161, “Money Beliefs”


Marketing Secrets with Russell Brunson


Growing your email list with Facebook ads - Claire Pelletreau


Lean in. I’m with you, sista,



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