Why Willpower Won't Win with Weight Loss (and what to do in stead)

Did you like my alliteration?

But seriously, let’s talk about willpower.

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What is Willpower?

Willpower is that force and effort you have to come up with when your brain doesn’t want to do something, but YOU do. Willpower is that energy that always seems to run out eventually—it’s what people call “grit”. It’s cousins with self-discipline.

Why won’t willpower win with weight loss?

Here is the reason:

Willpower is in limited supply, always. Eventually, willpower runs out. Now don’t be confused about this, I’m not saying that ‘working hard won’t work, so don’t try.’ The way I teach weight loss includes hard work. But willpower is only necessary when you haven’t fully brought your brain on your side - you’re fighting against it and what it wants. So I say willpower is limited, because eventually you will be true to what your brain is telling you. It’s why people cave in. They don’t finish their weight loss program, they don’t stick to their diet. Your brain will not be fooled.

Does this mean all hope is lost?

No. Because I have a way to get your brain on your side.

It takes no less than about 12 weeks, because we totally reprogram how your brain responds to dopamine-packed foods. Think Pavlov’s dogs - if you were trained by society to love sugar and if you got your brain dependent on it, then you can unlearn and un-train. (Learn more about my 12 week weight loss course here.)

This is much different than simply willing yourself to eat in a new way for a while, or willing your self to the gym.

What is more effective than willpower when it comes to weight loss?

What I’m about to tell you is based on the following belief:

Thoughts drive emotions.

Emotions drive actions.

Actions create results.

So if our thinking is the basis of all that we do, and all the results that we get. . . Then thinking transformation must be involved in weight loss transformation.

So here’s what you can do to assist your brain in the game of weight loss:

  1. You can gain knowledge not just about how to lose weight, but how your brain works around food….what an urge is, how to process it in stead of act on it.

  2. You can gain legitimate understanding about your body’s systems and fat storage/usage processes, and what you can do to get your body to use its own fat stores (aka, lose weight.) This includes learning about the hormones grelin and leptin, insulin, and how glycogen is used/stored as fat in the body.

  3. You can learn how to have awareness of your brain’s thoughts, so that you can choose whether to feel the effect of and take action based on those thoughts, or not. In other words, you can either be at the mercy of whatever your brain thinks during the day, or you can hear those thoughts, then decide if they align with the results you want to get (dropping some LBS).

You can totally do this. You’ve got this.

I went to list some awesome resources, but there’s really nobody that breaks it down as simply, and with the emphasis on the mind like I do.

You’ve got to decrease your insulin to slow down fat storage

You need to become fat adapted in order to get your body to use the fat it has stored on it, which will include about 8 days of withdrawals and cravings from no sugar or flour. My course provides support and padding here because I focus in on how your brain will react and how to get through this every day until you’re fat adapted.

Basics of fat storage in the body.

If you’d like guidance and a curriculum that’s perfectly created for the typical human brain, I have done that for you and am happy to lend you a guiding hand. Enrollment is only open until November 16th.

How I teach weight loss.

I offer a 12 week weight loss course. Whether this is your first attempt to lose weight, or your final attempt before you resign to just being overweight forever, I am here for you.

Click this link to get a full rundown the content over the course of the 12 weeks, how the course is structured, and pricing. It’s amazing and unlink anything. I have been trained to teach this by Master Weight Loss Coach Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School.

Check my course out here.

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