How I lost 40 pounds


I was reviewing my grocery list tonight while waiting to check out at the grocery store, making sure I had gotten everything. I realized that, in stead of listing out all of the produce items I like to buy to throw on my daily salads, I just wrote “salad goodies”.

“Goodies” referring to something about a salad? … I never thought I’d see the day.

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How I lost 40 pounds

There was a time I struggled to eat healthy — like basic fruits and vegetables. It was after my third baby, I had gained a lot of weight, and I was feeling really discouraged about ever losing that left-over FORTY pounds from pregnancy.

Plus, I had a new baby + two toddlers. I felt overwhelmed.

And what do I do when I feel discouraged and overwhelmed most of the time?

I land in the pantry. LOL.

Around that time I found a life coach who had been certified at the Life Coach School. Jody was her name.

She was teaching her clients what the Life Coach School taught her to teach, and part of that included weight loss.

I joined her regular weight loss coaching group, I did exactly what she taught, and I lost all 40 pounds within a few months.

It was seriously amazing.

I didn’t even exercise regularly, I’ll be honest. Maybe a walk a few times a week, or yoga at the local rec center.

What was so effective?

…Maybe you want me to talk about what I was and was not eating, and I will. Later in this article I will share how the Life Coach School teaches/approaches weight loss, and how I teach it now that I’m a certified life and weight loss coach through their program.

But there are diets and ways of eating similar to how I ate, and people adhere to those ‘diets’, and they still don’t lose weight.

How is that possible? What about The Life Coach School’s way of teaching weight loss, enables people to actually get their results?

The Life Coach School (LCS) teaches people to truly feel and process their feelings, and completely renovate their brain’s way of thinking and feeling about food. This, in combination with eating how they teach to eat, is what gets people their results.

(Good news for you, I have just been trained by the LCS and am ready and willing to guide you in your weight loss. Just click here to set up a free 15 minute chat with me.)

There is no other weight loss program on earth that attempts and/or even comes close to the thought+feeling management that The Life Coach School teaches people. And yet, without your brain being fully on board before, during and after completely changing the way you eat, people struggle to be consistent and get results.

That’s because their brain is thinking and feeling and desiring one way, while they are trying to act and do things another way. That discrepancy only goes on for so long before our brain gets its way.

White-knuckling, will power, and grit ALWAYS are limited.

Retraining your brain gives you unlimited willpower forever, because your desires change. The way you perceive food changes. It’s the gift and change of a lifetime, and the only thing that works long term.

And, once you learn it, you can apply the brain management tools to other areas of your life.


How you can do this too.

Before I finish my story, wanted to give any interested the chance to have me teach them weight loss. If that’s you and you’re interested in working with me as your weight loss coach, you can

watch a three minute video about the course/my approach here

book a free 15 minute phone call with me here. (you must do this if you want to be coached by me. I like to make sure it’s a good fit before we work together permanently.)

My thoughts during the process

Most people want to lose weight, but their brains are working hard against them.

When you lose weight with a certified coach from the Life Coach School, you learn how to get your brain on your side.

And it’s more powerful than any dietician, or accountability meeting at Weight Watchers.

Your brain can be your solution! You just have to do some learning on how to arrange your thoughts so you get the results you want. Your brain will be your best helper if you can learn to train it.

Let me show you more of what I mean:

Here are some thoughts that I created, both with my then-life coach’s suggestions and my own creativity. I began to intentionally think these regularly as I began my weight loss journey. These thoughts are the reason I was able to lose weight. Not just thinking these thoughts, but believing them, and feeling the effects of them in my daily life + approach to food/body image/weight loss. You have to believe the thoughts you are thinking.

  • Food is not here to entertain me.

  • My brain thinks sugar is more important than it really is, because dopamine is released when I eat it. But it’s just chemicals. Dopamine is not worth all the back-end consequences. I can find dopamine in natural ways.

  • Hunger does not equal deprivation. There is plenty of fat and stored calories on my body to support me through a strategically fasted meal.

  • Hunger is the result hormones and insulin, not necessarily true hunger. Especially at the beginning when you’re beginning to change what you eat/when/how often. I can be hungry and also be kind to my children and others. It’s possible.

  • My body actually really loves what I am doing for it right now. My brain is confused+complaining only because this is new, not because it is bad or wrong.

  • Losing weight is simple, I can do it.

  • I can feel tired and also not eat sugar. It’s possible.

  • I can feel frustrated with my kids and not eat something as a result. I am supposed to feel negative emotions sometimes. It’s part of the human journey. I want all of it.

What do you think of those thoughts? I’d love to hear in the comments.

What does The Life Coach School teach to eat/not eat?

In a very simple summary, here’s what they suggest. One neat thing about the Life Coach School’s (and my) approach to weight loss is that we don’t ever tell our clients for sure what to eat or not eat. It’s important that you make your own decisions on that and learn to be intuitive with your body. But these are the suggested starting points. None are mandatory. As your coach, I would help you create your own eating protocol.

  • no flours (of any kind)

  • no sugar (unless found in nature. so yes, fruit)

  • gradually work up to an ‘intermittent fast’ every morning — so essentially you prolong the 8 hours your body didn’t eat while you slept, and make it about a 12-hour gap in stead, eating your first meal around 11am or noon.

  • in the beginning, no snacking.

  • joy eats once per week, and there’s a process to tracking how much “joy” is in each bite. I use a worksheet for that. You put it down and don’t eat more as soon as it’s not a true “joy” eat.

  • we use the hunger scale to guide you in stopping when you’re full and avoiding over eating.

You may think this sounds strict, difficult, etc.

But do you think it would be doable if you had the guidance of a coach who has done it? …That made the difference for me.

Your brain is as capable as my brain. You just are missing the know-how to getting the fullest out of that brain of yours when it comes to weight loss.

Parting words.

If I could just leave each of you with one thought, it is that you are capable of anything. You are. Even the most complicated things — your brain is so amazing. YOU are amazing!

So remember that.

And remember that, if you want help getting to know the ins and outs of your brain’s behavior on the daily, so that you can stay one step ahead of it, I am here for you and would love to be a part of teaching you that.

You can always book a free 15 minute mini coaching session with me here to get you started with some free help.


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