10 things to do if you want to truly give up flour and sugar



If you would have told me two years ago that I had gone off of flour and sugar for almost three months, and that I was able to lose all 40 pounds of my left-over baby weight, I would have been like…. “Uh, are you sure you have the right girl?”

(I seriously get a kick out of these two photo comparisons!!! Right after baby three on the left, about November 2017. On the right is after I had worked with a life coach in a group weight loss program for a couple months or so, 2018.)

(I seriously get a kick out of these two photo comparisons!!! Right after baby three on the left, about November 2017. On the right is after I had worked with a life coach in a group weight loss program for a couple months or so, 2018.)

Before I tell you my ‘secrets’ (that you can totally steal) to getting off of flour and sugar, I want to put this in context for you.

I didn’t just go off of flour and sugar and lose weight — there were a lot of things that I learned FIRST that gave me the understanding of why, and motivation to figure out my “how” to go off of flour and sugar. I want to emphasize that the most helpful thing to my being able to go off of flour and sugar, was all the information that I learned about weight loss and my body before attempting to do so.

Here is the list of each unit that I learned, and that I teach my students now as a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through the Life Coach School. The bolded and italic bullet point is the part where you consider going off of sugar and flour.

Everything I learned (and teach my students) in my weight loss course:

  • Why you’re overweight

  • Over-desire

  • Processing Urges

  • Over-hunger and Hormones

  • Buffering (avoiding negative emotions with food, TV, etc)

  • Consciousness and Compelling Reason

  • Designing your Protocol (where you decide to go off of flour and sugar or not - I chose to)

  • Weighing Yourself

  • Optional: Intermittent Fasting

  • Your Future Self

  • Sabotaging Thoughts

  • Getting Started

  • Bonus material

Last thing before I delve in to my '“how” with getting off flour and sugar: the underlying assumption with my approach to weight loss is the Self Coaching Model created by Master Life Coach Instructor Brooke Castillo:

Your Thoughts cause your Feelings

Your Feelings Drive your Actions

Your Actions create your Results

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people want to just change their actions — they want to exercise more or eat less. But your actions are a product of your feelings, which are a product of your thoughts. So in my program, to really get traction with your weight loss, I teach you fundamental principles that create awareness and change in your thinking and feeling, whether about food or whatever it is in your life that’s got you going to the pantry/overeating, etc. Weight loss naturally follows.

Okay. How I Gave Up Flour and Sugar


With fellow moms and people wanting to lose weight in mind, I thought hard about how I really did go off of flour and sugar, and proceed to lose 40 pounds - all while living with my husband and three little kids under the roof of my in-laws home, waiting to find a home of our own…

Yeah, it was intense. I’m so glad I decided to just dive in and do it though. There’s always going to be a reason to wait….

Here are some things I gave up in addition to flour and sugar. I feel like giving up these things is what allowed me to “give up” flour and sugar.

  1. I gave up any previous knowledge and opinions about weight loss. I decided that if I was going to try this program, I needed to do it their way. I was honest with myself about this. It actually made weight loss really really simple for me, which I was grateful for. One of my biggest fears going in was that I’d heard that ‘weight loss is so complicated’. So just one source the whole time.

  2. I gave up the social care of what others would think about my choices. My husband and I had gone vegetarian for a year when we were first married, just for fun and out of curiosity. I remember the conversation we had when we decided to start making exceptions - it was mostly related to dinner parties and questions/comments from friends or family. I knew that if I was going to be able to get off flour and sugar, I’d have to just let all of that go. (If social pressures are a big concern for you when it comes to changing how you eat, book a free 15 min consult with me and I’ll coach you on that. If I could do it, you can. Just need to know a few things.)

  3. I gave up the idea that I’m entitled to a sweet treat or dessert. I didn’t just give this one up in the snap of a finger - I’m human like you, and not that disciplined. But I did question my attitude about sweets: ‘Are sweets really what I deserve? …Or is it possible that what I really deserve, is to stick to my protocol for eating and have the satisfaction that comes with that?’ …Thoughts like that.

  4. I gave up ‘hangry’ as part of my identity. You can ask my family members, my in-law’s family especially, they’ll tell you I’m the type who gets very ‘hangry’ if I haven’t eaten. I knew that if I was going to turn into the hangry, short-tempered monster every time I was hungry, this whole dieting thing was really going to suck. So I decided to think, “Being hungry and not eating is a problem. I am a person that can be hungry, tired, and not eat and still be kind and be who I want to be.” And you know what? I got over it so fast. Changing your thoughts is powerful - as long as you really believe the new thoughts. Can’t just say things to yourself that your brain isn’t sold on. Won’t work.

  5. I gave up not planning my groceries, meals and snacks. I’m trying to go off of flour and sugar again currently, and this one is the one I know is holding me back. To the proportion that I plan meals and buy their ingredients (nothing more, unless it’s for my kids or husband), is the proportion that I’m successful with eating on my protocol. I always include a couple quick and fast meals that are within my eating protocol, just in case I’m in a jam - I still want to have a quick out that’s healthy. So like, a frozen Annie’s Organic meal for two that’s vegan or something.

  6. I gave up fast food on a whim - sort of. Sometimes life just happens…. and before you know it, it’s dinner time and your entire family of littles is hungry, but you’re not at home. I still would eat out in these circumstances - I knew I had to be practical or else I would not be able to survive this way of eating long term. But careful here - be honest with yourself while eating out. A lot of salad dressings have tons of sugar, so maybe keep a couple individual bags of salad dressings in your purse or something each time you leave the house. You’ll figure out what you need to do. A couple ideas of where to eat out: Chipotle (their salads are good with no dressing), Carl’s Jr burgers they’ll put on lettuce for you, same with Chik-fil-A. McDonald’s has the Southwest Salad which is awesome except for the Dorito chips on top. Pick those out. Also, maybe check that dressing. bring your own dressing. I kept a couple of Organic, sugar free dressings in my fridge. So if I ever bought a salad kit from the grocery store, I’d use my own dressings to keep off sugar.

  7. I gave up thinking about calories. I wasn’t super attached to thinking about ‘calories in, calories out’, but it was made clear in my program how untrue that was. And based off of all that I learned about the body and hormones, I actually did not even think about or track calories at all. It felt great. It really allowed me to free up that mental space and put it more towards intuitive eating - listening to my body.

  8. I gave up answering urges and cravings. Like, not even answering with no. And not ignoring…. Just not answering. Like, when your ex calls you, and you know there’s no urgent matter… And you also know how the conversation is probably going to end up… So you see his name on the phone, and you recognize he is calling, and then you just let it go. No drama, no yes, no no, just neutral and totally unarmed. If you really want to figure how to process an urge and craving, you’re going to want to take my weight loss course. Having done it, I teach it better than anyone. This was probably the most difficult of all the things I gave up. Totally doable with practice and the worksheets I have you use. No lower-brain craving or urge is more powerful than a prefrontal-cortex-created system implemented to break it.

  9. Giving up avoiding my emotions. Ah. Sigh. I hated this one so much. After going off of flour and sugar, I have never felt so much boredom and self-doubt. Those were the emotions that would usually drive me to the pantry (or to Cold Stone at 10PM). If you’re a little concerned at the idea of feeling more negative emotion as a result of going off of flour and sugar, let me tell you: it’s not that bad when you go through this program, because A) you learn to process it and how to just be with it and B) you learn the mental tools to know how to change how you feel in a mentally sound and emotionally responsible way. This is a cool part of my weight loss course.

  10. Giving up my attachment to ‘Food is entertainment. Food is fun.” I want to offer you that this one is optional. If you don’t want to leave behind the part of you that enjoys eating yummy food, you really don’t have to. You’ll just have to then find healthy recipes that you think are yummy. Personally, my bar of ‘yummy’ was too high to be practical being off of flour and sugar. So I decided to question it: Is food supposed to entertain me? …What is the true purpose of food? …Fuel for my body. Do I need to make this intake of fuel a fun experience? Can I find my fun and my dopamine hit in a way that doesn’t have negative back-end consequences?… For me, it was just easier to strip down my eating choices to really simple and predictable meals. I knew it wasn’t forever, that helped. But honestly, even now that I’m off sugar, my most efficient days at work and with my eating are when I have a simple, planned, pretty boring and very healthy meal. I do add some variety here and there sometimes. But I don’t spend a lot of time or energy on that.

I went off of flour and sugar not only because I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted power over food, once and for all. I knew that the mental game I always played around food was most of the reason I wasn’t losing weight when I wanted to.

So I was specifically looking for a program that taught me how to THINK around food, so I could control how I FELT, and therefore learn how to ACT differently (and lose weight).

Most weight loss programs try and take action without doing the right amount of work in the person’s thoughts and feelings in their life. Or, they only address the pain points or thought loops surrounding food. But let me tell you, my issues with food had nothing to do with food - they had to do with boredom with being a mom of young kids, with painful thoughts of self-doubt, and other completely un-food-related things. So if you think your entire scope of thinking and feeling in your life is not relevant… You are lying to yourself, and missing what could be the key to your weight loss success. Sugar and flour (and for that matter, any other substance ground down - dopamine in the brain)

Well, that’s the gist. Thanks for following along. Comment below with any questions or comments for me, I read them all!

If you’d like to know about my weight loss program, read on…

Here’s the good news: I’ve gone before you, done all of this, and am willing to share all my knowledge with you. For the next two weeks, until Thursday November 8th, I am allowing people to sign up with me to go through my weight loss coaching program.

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“Foundations of True Weight Loss” : What the course looks like

  • First, you choose group weight loss coaching (I’ll explain what that looks like later on) or one-on-one coaching. Or you can book a free 15 min consult with me, tell me about your goals, and I’ll choose which program you need.

  • The course lasts for TWELVE WEEKS. I want to be clear, weight loss results aren’t guaranteed. Not because my content doesn’t get people there, but because it takes some people all 12 weeks to really stick to their goals, and other people do right away. There’s no right or wrong way this is supposed to look. This is not one of those “lose weight fast and then gain it all back” gigs. This is ‘take your time to learn how to truly do this, the first time. Change your life’ type gig. (If you have a question for me about any part of this, book a free 15 minute consult with me, I’d love to help clarify anything.)

  • Lesson Videos. These videos are where your personal transformation will start to happen - the knowledge gives you power, and access to your own ideas of ways to implement what you’re learning. Once you sign up you have access to ALL lesson videos. You can binge on them, or pace yourself.

  • Weekly live, face-to-face call. You either meet me in a group with 3-4 others (using an online video conferencing platform called Zoom), or one-on-one, just you and me, depending on what you chose and paid for up front. On the weekly call we are accountable. We also share ideas and successes, and ask questions about the lesson videos. These calls are fun and sweet part, and also the part where you fall apart and things get real. It’s all beautiful.

  • There are 12 topics, one per week for each of the 12 weeks. Here’s a little more about what we learn with each topic:

    • Why you’re overweight

      • the why and how of truly taking responsibility for our weight

      • creating a fresh start for yourself

      • why not and how not to tie your success in this program to your failure in past weight loss efforts.

    • Over-desire

      • a bit about today’s food culture/industry

      • a bit about how our brains are programmed/how they’ve evolved to over-desire,

      • how to undo that over-desire: awareness and specific tools

    • Processing Urges

      • what is an urge, why it feels so urgent; what’s happening in the brain

      • step-by-step process to process the urge. Simple.

      • worksheets to put up in your pantry/car/other places you usually feel an urge

    • Over-hunger and Hormones

      • leptin, grelin and insulin: what they do, what effects them, and how they play a role in hunger/satisfaction/weight gain

      • intuitive eating and the hunger scale (tools to avoid over hunger and over eating)

    • Buffering (avoiding negative emotions with food, TV, etc)

      • how to be with and process a negative emotion

      • the case for stopping buffering: looking at back end consequences of our favorite buffers

    • Consciousness and Compelling Reason

      • thoughts to replace your current thoughts when you usually buffer

      • how to be conscious in your own mind

      • the compelling reasons for you - now is when you find yours.

      • willpower always has its limits.

    • Designing your Protocol

      • protocol suggestions

      • sample protocols to look at

      • sticking to your protocol: how long, how to

    • Weighing Yourself

      • the scale is a thought-revealer

      • how to deal with the emotions that come at you when you step on the scale

    • Optional: Intermittent Fasting

      • the research on the why, what and how of intermittent fasting

      • what it looks like for me when I do it

    • Your Future Self

      • this is a psychological tool to help you stay on track in moments of weakness, super cool

    • Sabotaging Thoughts

      • ensuring your success by doing some real hard work honing in on the thoughts sabotaging you

      • examining those

      • replacing those

      • I offer sample thoughts

    • Getting Started

      • setting up your weight loss journal

      • NOT counting calories, ever

      • planning, preparing

    • Bonus material

      • assorted optional worksheets for you to use if you want to, depending on your specific areas of weakness and strength


12 week One-on-One weight loss coaching: $649

12 week group weight loss coaching: $389

If you’d like sign up for my weight loss program, click here.

That link takes you to where you will book a free 15 minute consult with me. I want to make sure it’s a good fit for both parties, and I’ll get you taken care of! I’ll also send you the link to make payment.

If you don’t want to consult and just want to join/pay, email me and ask for the link to book your seat: lizlangstoncoaching@gmail.com

Deadline is Thursday, November 8th. I will open my program until that date, at which point it will be closed for 12 weeks while I coach my groups.

This can be one day, or day one. You decide.


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