Abundance: the what and why


Orange trees are amazingly abundant in the fruit they bear. One orange tree produces anywhere from 100 to 300 oranges each season, for decades and decades of seasons. …Let’s just say the tree lives for thirty years (this would be a short life for an orange tree). That’s up to NINE THOUSAND oranges, from one tree.

Why am I sharing this?

…Do you think that the orange tree could do this if it had thoughts (yes, maybe a tree could have a thought? Lol, go with me here…) like, “If I give more, I’ll have less for myself.” …Do you think, as the tree grows its oranges and sees that many are falling to the ground, it cuts back on its production in an effort to conserve resources?

What if the orange tree wasn’t sure it was going to be able to bear enough fruit, so it hoarded the water during irrigation and drank up too much of it?

And yet, the tree doesn’t do any of this. It takes the water it needs, and it gives way more than tenfold of oranges in return.

The orange tree produces givingly, generously, without thinking of what it will receive in return.

Before you can understand Abundance, you need to understand these two things:

  1. Money is a tangible count of value. Not value as in ‘the value of a nickel’, but how much value you are contributing to the world. Did you invent a product that fills a need for people? That is valuable to people. They will pay you in order to have your product. The money you receive comes to you in proportion to the value you add.

  1. Your brain will find evidence for its own thoughts. That’s what it’s programmed to do. This is how we survived as a new species. If you are aware of this, you can choose your thoughts selectively in order to get your brain to see and then create the results you want in your life.

What is Abundance?

Abundance is the attitude and beliefs we have surrounding giving, creating, loving and receiving.

And that attitude and those beliefs sound like this:

I have plenty.

I am enough.

I have the exact amount of money I need right now.

My money will come to me when I need it, as I offer value into the world.


A few months ago I was a brand new life coach, freshly educated and ready to delve in to helping people. I was building my business. Advertising, marketing, etc.

What led me to the life coaching career was an abundant desire to love and help and serve other people, specifically moms who are struggling to find contentment as stay at home moms.

But, when I got into the building of my business… marketing strategies, running numbers, etc… that abundance was out of sight and reach. It was replaced by this urgency. I was in such a hurry to see some income.

I felt this urgency to make money because of a thought I kept having (didn’t really notice it at the time, but I got coached on this): “We don’t have enough money to pay our bills.”

This sounds like an innocent observation, or even a mere fact.

But, this is actually a scarce way of looking at a situation.

More on that later though….

How did this thought impact me?

Circumstance: we owe $2,000 in bills, we only have $1700 in our bank account

Thought: “We don’t have enough money to pay our bills.”

Feeling: Panic

Action: Scattered in my business; not strategic. Rather than content marketing in a generous, ample and effective way, I give short bursts of information, then spend most of my energy on the pitch. Desperate.

Result: I don’t give all the value that I have to give to the world, and so I don’t make as much money/receive as much value. I don’t make as much money as I could be making.

Do you see how scarcity in our thinking actually BREEDS more scarcity in our life?

So what do we do about this?

If you want more money, or more time, or more of anything… Quit thinking about it in a way that focuses on the lack. Focus on what you DO have. What you WILL have. What you will DO and CREATE in order to RECEIVE.

See the difference?

Feel the difference?

This difference is everything. And it starts in the way we allow ourselves to think and believe. The sentences in our brain that we choose to think, and to feel, and then to act upon. That is what creates how much money you have, or time, or energy.

One exercise I really really love to do is the following:

Make a list of twenty things you want, and be sure that at least ten of them are things you already have. The feeling that you feel when you review how many things you have, that you have always wanted or currently want, that is abundance.

Final Thought

What the Abundance Mentality it is not

Having an Abundance mentality does not mean that you are a doormat and allow yourself to be walked on by people.

It does not meant that you give so much that you cannot meet your own basic needs.

It does not mean that you never ask someone to pay you, or that you continually give away your valuable services for free.

The orange tree requires water, lots of it. Irrigation. And it requires its trunk to be covered and protected from the sun, or it will burn.

We have needs. We must take care of ourselves in order to give.

But we can take care of ourselves and our needs with an attitude of abundance.

Don’t eat healthy because “if I don’t, I won’t look good enough to wear a swim suit at that swim party.” Eat healthy because you are enough just as you are, and you want to explore all the more what your body can do and can give you.

I do think that cultivating an attitude of abundance is something you can pray about, and pray for. Faith in a higher power, or faith and belief in the future, also helps us in cultivating abundance.

Essential Oils and Abundance

When I was struggling to be okay with where our finances were at while I started this business (and still are sometimes), I use Wild Orange, the Oil of Abundance. I mix it with coconut oil in a roller bottle. (I actually also add the oil Aborvitae, the oil of Divine Grace - it helps me with my particular struggles with abundance and faith.) I do 7 parts Wild Orange and 3 parts Aborvitae. The rest of the bottle I fill with fractionated coconut oil.

I genuinely feel that this oil combination, in conjunction with my efforts to think specific thoughts that I wrote down to practice and believe, and prayer/reading the Book of Mormon, are the reasons that I now have cultivated an attitude of giving and receiving freely in my business.

I believe that success is inevitable for me. It’s just a matter of time —- like the growth of the oranges on the orange tree. Time, effort, and the fruit will come. But there’s no rush now. Plenty of time. Plenty of money. Plenty.

If you’d like coaching on this, you can get 15 mins with me for free (we can actually do quite a lot in this time, trust me). Click here to book your 15 min free mini session.

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Abundance will get you more results — it is counterintuitive when it comes to how it feels. Scarcity feels safer. But it yields way less in the long run.

Might as well be abundant. If you need help, click here to get coached.

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