Liz Langston, Certified Life Coach, Mom, Postpartum Depression Survivor, Lover of Essential Oils + Natural Healing.

Postpartum Depression and its symptoms are very real. But, when you’re ready, coaching can pave a path toward healing.


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Yours days feel like rough seas, you struggle to stay afloat.

Normal daily tasks like folding laundry, can seem like a wave crashing down.

You don’t recognize yourself lately, you cry randomly.

These are uncharted waters.


(Me, Liz: Coach + Mom + PPD Survivor x 2.)

(Me, Liz: Coach + Mom + PPD Survivor x 2.)

Hi, my name is Liz Langston.

I’ve had three kids in four years, walked the paths of postpartum depression and anxiety twice, and now have become a Certified Life Coach to help other postpartum moms.

Here’s what I believe:

With the right mindset, postpartum struggle can be the bedrock foundation to a better life, and better motherhood, than ever before.

What makes or breaks if we can sink or swim?

Our thoughts.


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We cannot change how often our baby cries.

We can’t change how much sleep we got last night.

But we can change the way we are thinking about all the things. We can change our perceptions.

And to the degree that we learn how to do this, we have power over how we feel. Including power over a postpartum depression diagnosis, or symptoms.


Liz Langston, Certified Coach

Liz Langston, Certified Coach

There is hope.

The first time I gave this a shot was during my second round of postpartum depression,

I’d tried everything. All the meds, the therapy, the support groups.

Coaching actually works.

Our minds are so powerful, they have all the tools for healing.

We just need to learn how to use them.

The medical system does not know it all, have it all, tell us all.

I’ve walked your path, and though I am not a medical professional, I can show you how your thoughts may be contributing to the creation of your symptoms.

…Which means, healing is possible. Being able is a possibility.

And even if it seems impossible… thriving and being stronger than ever before,

is on the horizon.


What if I’m right?

What if you could feel normal again, with examining your thoughts?

What if depression, has more to do with our thinking patterns, and less to do with things outside of our control?

…This is the question I considered when I was home alone with two toddlers and a newborn, desperate to feel healthy mentally.

This is the question coaching has begun to answer.

Book a free consult with me HERE if you think you might be ready to get some help from me.

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Oh, and then there’s my music video for moms.

Postpartum depression is real, but it doesn’t have to overcome you.

Thought management truly is the way.



Do it for them.

Do it for them.